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Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to accurate, real-time and cost effective document OCR and data cleaning.
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Accurate Data
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You upload your document using a browser or our API
Synthetiq extracts clean data from the document using AI
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Data is returned for use in your product or service
PDF Documents and Image Files
PDF Documents and Image Files
Synthetiq leverages state-of-the-art, AI-powered OCR to deliver exceptional data extraction from both PDFs and image files.
Standard or Custom Doc Types
Standard or Custom Doc Types
Choose from a range of preset document types or create a custom template for your specific use case.
Fast, Fully Automated Results
Fast, Fully Automated Results
Unlike legacy OCR solutions, Synthetiq’s AI automatically delivers results very quickly, ensuring fast turnarounds.
Secure, AI-Powered Processing
Secure, AI-Powered Processing
With Synthetiq, your data is processed without human intervention, maximizing data privacy and security.
Synthetiq in Action
Pay Stub
Driver's License
Tax Form (W-2)
Purchase Receipt
Utility Bill
Bank Statement
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Don’t have a document to test? Try one of our samples: Pay Stub, US Driver’s License, Tax Form (W-2), Purchase Receipt, US Passport, Purchase Order, Invoice

Industries We Serve

Loan Origination
Loan Origination
Streamline lending by leveraging Synthetiq to extract relevant data from pay stubs, bank statements, tax forms and more.
Bank Account Opening
Bank Account Opening
Simplify and accelerate account opening by using Synthetiq’s OCR to extract critical data from customer documents.
Insurance Underwriting
Insurance Underwriting
Optimize the insurance underwriting process with Synthetiq by quickly retrieving clean data from documents.
Real Estate Transactions
Real Estate Transactions
Expedite real estate transactions by accurately extracting data from tax documents, legal agreements and more.
Claims Administration
Claims Administration
Improve the claims processing experience by automatically processing and claims forms and other documents.
Built by
Fintech Experts
Synthetiq was built by DigiFi, a leading provider of lending technology, and has now been made publicly available after significant testing in our own workflows
Arrow UpIncreased accuracy
Arrow UpSaved time and money
Arrow UpImproved processing times
Arrow UpDrove better decisions
DigiFi’s customers were struggling with manual data extraction processes that were time-consuming and error-prone. Existing OCR tools were slow, expensive, inaccurate and overly restrictive.
Rapidly improving AI technology enabled us to build Synthetiq - a fast, accurate and flexible AI assistant that completely replaces manual document review, saving you time and money.
“Cost efficiency has become the #1 focus of banks, lenders and insurers. Our AI-powered OCR is here to
save you time and money
Brad Vanderstarren
Co-Founder of Synthetiq
For Developers
Synthetiq provides flexible APIs to make implementation a breeze, and our 24x5 customer support is ready to assist with any questions.
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Pricing Overview
We offer pay-as-you-go pricing, no minimum monthly fees and $150 in free credits to get started.
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in free credits
checked iconNo monthly minimums
checked iconSOC 2 Type 2-compliant
checked icon24x5 global support
checked icon99.9% uptime guarantee
No credit card is required to sign up!
We Have Answers.
How is data secured during the OCR and data extraction process?
We take your data security seriously. Our company is SOC 2 Type 2 certified, receives an annual pentest and relentlessly focuses on reducing data risks.
Does your AI data extraction different from traditional OCR solutions?
Synthetiq’s OCR uses cutting-edge generative AI built in 2023. We process documents faster, reduce errors and constantly improve - without any human intervention
Does Synthetiq support both image-to-text and pdf-to-text conversion
Yes, Synthetiq’s OCR software works great for both PDF and image inputs. We allow the following document types: .pdf, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .webp.
How does the $150 free credit work and when do you need a credit card?
When you create your account, a $150 OCR credit will be issued. This equates to 1,000 free pages of document automation and can be used at any time.
Want to Learn More?
Contact us to discuss how Synthetiq can help your business.

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